Marianna Karakoulaki

Research, Journalism, Photography


I am a highly proficient qualitative researcher with a wealth of expertise in conducting interviews and employing ethnographic methodologies to gain deep insights into complex socio-political issues.

With a solid academic background, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mediterranean Studies from the University of the Aegean in Greece. I further honed my knowledge and skills with a Master’s degree in International Relations, specializing in Security, from the University of Birmingham.

Currently, I am pursuing a part-time PhD in Political Science and International Studies, where my research centres on the critical issue of border violence. This experience equips me with a comprehensive understanding of migration dynamics, international relations, and the intricate interplay of political factors that shape our world today.

My expertise lies in qualitative research methods, particularly conducting interviews and utilizing ethnographic approaches to delve deeply into the experiences and perspectives of diverse individuals and communities. Through meticulous data collection and analysis, I unearth nuanced insights that inform evidence-based policymaking and shed light on complex global challenges.

Moreover, my experience in communications and diversity enhances my qualitative research capabilities. I am adept at effectively communicating research findings in a clear and accessible manner, bridging the gap between academia and broader audiences. I value inclusivity and possess the cultural sensitivity required to navigate diverse environments, ensuring that research projects are conducted with respect and inclusiveness.

You can find out more about my academic background and skills by visiting my ORCID profile