Marianna Karakoulaki

Research, Journalism, Photography


With over 10 years of experience as a foreign correspondent, I have had the privilege of working across various media platforms, exploring the dynamic world of journalism. Throughout my career, I have been recognized for my outstanding contributions, receiving prestigious awards that underline my dedication and commitment to the field.

My journey as a journalist has been shaped by collaborations with some of the largest European media outlets, notably my extensive work with DW News. As a trusted member of their team, I have had the opportunity to delve into a wide range of topics and engage with diverse audiences across the globe.

Drawing upon my versatile skill set, I have honed my abilities in writing, photography, television, and radio journalism. This multifaceted approach has allowed me to provide comprehensive coverage and bring stories to life through various mediums, capturing the attention of audiences worldwide.

My expertise as an expert commentator extends beyond European media outlets, as I have also contributed as a recognized authority on migration for Al Jazeera. This platform has provided me with a unique opportunity to share my insights and analysis, adding depth and context to the ongoing global discourse on this pressing issue.

My journalistic journey on migration began in Idomeni, Greece, where I embarked on reporting the challenges and complexities of migration. This initial experience ignited my passion for shedding light on the stories of individuals and communities affected by migration. Since then, I have extensively reported from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans, uncovering the human narratives that shape these regions.

As a foreign correspondent with a wealth of experience, an award-winning track record, and a focus on migration, I am dedicated to providing an accurate, balanced, and empathetic portrayal of the people and places I encounter. My work serves to bridge gaps in understanding and foster a more informed global dialogue on the issues that shape our world today.

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