Marianna Karakoulaki

Research, Journalism, Photography


Welcome to my world of storytelling, where words and images unite to create captivating narratives. I am an award-winning journalist, a skilled researcher of migration and international relations, a photographer, and an ardent advocate for diversity.

I am currently a part-time PhD Researcher in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Birmingham. My research is placed within the wider field of Critical Border Studies and examines violent borders, forced migration and death. I have been a PGR Representative for the Department of Political Science and International Relations and a Senior Rep for the School of Government since 2019; in 2020 I was awarded the Outstanding PGR Rep Award for the College of Social Sciences.

Beyond the written word, I wield the camera as a powerful tool for visual storytelling. My photography skills complement my journalistic endeavours, enabling me to capture raw emotions and the profound beauty that exists in our diverse world.

I also work as a journalist, photographer and media professional and I am based in Cambridge, UK. Before moving to the UK, I worked as a foreign correspondent in Greece and the wider region. I have won several awards for my work including the Royal Television Society Award and the Foreign Press Association award for my work as a producer with Channel 4 News/ITN, and the third prize of the Migration Media Awards for my work with Deutsche Welle (DW News).

Why Work With Me?

If you’re looking for a dynamic researcher, an established journalist or a photographer with a passion for storytelling have a look at the different sections of my website to see what I offer.