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Migration in the 21st Century

Edited by Marianna Karakoulaki, Laura Southgate, Jakob Steiner

The topic of migration has received much attention in recent years, and it has since permeated various fields of IR. The current refugee and migrant crisis on Europe’s external and internal borders is gaining wide coverage. However, migration has been an important issue elsewhere; be it the sub-saharan Africa or the US-Mexican border. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of insight either missing or not accessible to readers.

E-International Relations therefore invites authors to contribute to an edited collection about migration in the 21st century – from a critical angle that focuses on perspectives, drivers, and responses.

About this project

Migration in the 21st Century will be an open access edited collection, part of E-IR’s edited collections series. It will be available to readers of E-International Relations via free e-book download and also sold in paperback in book stores worldwide: a model that ensures the widest dissemination in the field.

For the call of contributors see here.