Backgrounder: Notara 26 Squat, Athens

Published on News That Moves on 21 December 2015. Click here to view full report.

Notara 26 is a “squat” that takes its name from the Athens street where it’s located.  It is housed in an abandoned public building that has been taken over and occupied by a loose collective of people who have joined together to provide services to refugees.

It has been setup to accommodate 109 people, with priority given to members of vulnerable groups such as unaccompanied minors, single mothers and families with children.  Most visitors stay in the squat for a couple of days before they continue their journey further into Europe.

The squat was set up to give refugees, who would otherwise sleep in overpriced hotels, public facilities or squares in Athens, a place to feel safe.  Shelter, food, and clothing is free.  Health care is sometimes available, provided by volunteer doctors. Visitors can also access the services of volunteer social workers, psychologists and lawyers.  Interpreters are present throughout the day.

Notara 26 is supported by activists, volunteers and locals who donate the food, clothes and other supplies and amenities. Organizers can sometimes be found in nearby Victoria Square letting travelers know about the squat.  Notara 26 is near the National Archaeological Museum in the Exarcheia area of Athens.

Active since October 2015, it has so far hosted nearly 2,000 refugees to date.

Contact information:


E- mail:

Twitter: #Notara26

Facebook: Κατάληψη Στέγης Προσφύγων/Μεταναστών Νοταρά 26 (Refugees/Migrants Squat Notara 26)

Communication Team: +306947908121

Reception Team: +306978873643

Google Map:  Navarchou Notara 26, Exarcheia, 106 83, Athens Greece

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