The US Foreign Policy toward the Palestinian Issue (2008-2012)

Published on Strategy International on February 2013 as part of the research programme US Foreign and Security Policy. Click here to Download The US Foreign Policy toward the Palestinian Issue in PDF.

Barack Obama’s election as the 44th U.S. President in 2008 sparkled hopes of change around the world. The emphasis he gave on the Middle East led many to believe that a new era had begun for the U.S. foreign policy in the region. However, in contrast to his rhetoric, his actions have shown that there is no fundamental change, especially concerning the Palestinian issue. This paper focuses on the Palestinian issue and the USA’s foreign policy towards it. It focuses on Barack Obama’s rhetoric concerning Palestine and makes a comparison with what has been said and what has been done, during 2008-2011. Moreover, emphasis is given on three occasions: firstly, the Cairo Speech, additionally, the MENA remarks and finally the USA’s stance towards the Palestinian recognition by the United Nations. The paper concludes that although the USA has not lost the Middle East, it is very close to losing Palestine if it maintains the same stance.

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